Sanuwave Profile Shockwave


Most of the lesser expensive models are not shockwave therapy, they are Radial Pulse Waves. It is a different modality (different waveform and mechanism of action) and Radial Pulse waves will NOT produce the same results!

1 Electrohydraulic (Sanuwave Profile and SoftwaveTRT Orthogold 100)
2: Electromagnetic
3: Piezoelectric.
They are all derived from lithotripsy. Our applications of pain relief, decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation, Electrohydraulic is easily, demonstrably and profoundly more effective.

Be aware that when the energy level on the OrthoGold 100 is set above 0.10mj/mm2, the applicators burn through the electrodes at a 30% faster rate. Also, the Sanuwave applicators are designed so that the listed life expectancy is always the same, regardless of the energy setting, so no surprises with expected life of the electrodes.

The Sanuwave Profile also can output almost 4X the energy compared to Softwave Orthogold 100, significantly increasing clinical efficiency and extending capabilities (especially with large patients). Profile typically requires just 3-treatments.

 Bubbles in the head are naturally generated through the electrohydraulic method. Sanuwave has a patented chemical that keeps the bubbles in check, so the water is sealed at the head. Orthogold 100 has an complicated hydraulic pump system that continually flushes bubbles from the head and filters them at the console in the required water cartridge. As a result, errors and malfunctions are common.

 Both devices have an extended and widened focal zone in the tissue, though they accomplish this in different ways. Because of the geometry of the energy field/output, Sanuwave Profile has the advantage of being able to adjust the delivered energy level simply my how hard for soft you push against the skin. This streamlines treatments by being able to adjust energy instantly on the fly, whereas you must stop and readjust at the console with the OrthoGold.

 Acoustek is currently selling the Sanuwave Profile for considerably less than the OrthoGold. The best way to demo is to use the Profile on patients who have received Softwave treatments, as the difference is not subtle.

AcousTek’s Sanuwave Profile has all the right boxes checked and was a no brainer for me when I was comparing the two.
I will add that the Sanuwave is better at healing hips and lower back pain compared to the Softwave Orthogold 100 because of it's higher energy and deeper penetration.
Dr Michael L Johnson

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